Raw, Pure Irish Honey

Mileeven Original Range

Mileeven's Original Honeys

Pure Irish Honey was our very first product from our own bees. 
Our Irish Honey is 100% pure and raw and is not mixed or blended with any other honeys. From Irish bees feeding on the Spring and Summer blossoms, our Irish Honey comes from local beekeepers in the Sunny South East of Ireland. It has a beautiful medium golden colour and a perfect floral taste that is not too strong or too light.  

Soon after we added a Pure Honey with Jameson Irish Whiskey 
and a Pure Honey with Irish Mist Liqueur, these honeys have a deeper flavour as the pure honey is enhanced by the whiskey or liqueur. They are gorgeous on porridge or oatmeal as well as on toast, bagels or in a coffee! 

Mileeven's Original Range